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5 Reasons Why Cover Crops are Revolutionizing Farming in South Carolina

Discover how Cover Crops are transforming Farming in South Carolina. Explore 5 compelling reasons for their revolutionary effects on agriculture.

March 21, 2024

Nathaniel Rhodes' Sustainable Farming in Orangeburg County

Nathaniel Rhodes combines traditional wisdom with modern cover crop strategies in Orangeburg County to improve soil health, increase yields, and support wildlife with sustainable farming

Cassidy Spencer

March 21, 2024

Will Metts' Regenerative Farming Revolution in Greenwood, SC

Join Will Metts in his regenerative organic farming journey in Greenwood, SC, as he revitalizes nutrient-deficient soil with strategic cover cropping, enhancing farm biodiversity and sustainability.

Cassidy Spencer

March 18, 2024

Revitalizing Soil in South Carolina: The Jacksons' Journey with Cover Crops

Discover how Don Jackson and his son Patrick, cattle grazers in Laurens County, South Carolina, transformed overgrazed land through innovative cover crop strategies. Learn about their journey from traditional grazing to regenerative agriculture, enhancing soil health and forage quality on their farm.

Cassidy Spencer

March 14, 2024

A South Carolina Farmer's Cover Crop Success

Rupert Burrows, a third-generation farmer, revitalizes severely degraded land using cover crops in Kingstree, South Carolina. His experimental mix transforms sandy soil into fertile ground, showcasing the power of sustainable practices to improve soil health and combat climate challenges.

Cassidy Spencer

March 9, 2024

The Regenerative Journey of an Heirloom Farmer

Discover Nat Bradford's journey in regenerative farming as he revitalizes soil and preserves his family's legacy, the Bradford Melon, in Sumter County. His story highlights the impact of sustainable practices on agricultural resilience and cultural heritage.

Cassidy Spencer

March 7, 2024

How the Harrisons Use Cover Crops to Revive Greenville County Soil

Join Bryant and Margaret Harrison as they share their success with cover crops in Greenville County, SC, improving soil health, water infiltration, and reducing weeds.

Cassidy Spencer

December 18, 2023


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